Russ - Vocals/Ginger
Ian - Bass/Vocals/Production/Questionable Hygiene
Whitty - Guitars/Vocals/Eloquence 
Ross - Guitars/Children's Clothing
Sladen- Drums/Memes

FitC play heavy and catchy songs about drinking, smelly genitals, unusual sexual habits, and bears...


How do you know when an elephant has been in your fridge?

Footprints in the Custard are the butt of a bad joke and are rolling around in the ever-increasing jovial degradation of it all. A Manchester five-piece renowned for their catchy and heavy music detailing subject matter of the more lurid nature, such as genitalia, bodily functions, heavy drinking, and sexually active bears.


Perhaps preceded by their reputations of elaborate costumes, including an infamous mankini and a tutu, along with a list of inflatables, the stage show is certainly a sight to behold.


Three albums, two EPs, two Christmas singles, and a whole lot of silliness, plus live credentials ranging from Bloodstock Festival, Download Festival, Hammerfest, HRH Metal, HRH Vikings, Amplified Festival, and Heavy Scotland, to support slots with the likes of Psychostick, Dog Fashion Disco, Lagerstein, Green Jelly, and Kunt and the Gang, to providing a live backing band to the Chav comedian Devvo… It’s silly, it’s fun, and it keeps getting worse.